Five Things I Miss About Atlanta

Today I won’t harp (again) on the fact that I miss my dear friends, not to mention my husband, in Atlanta. But there are some other things I miss about Atlanta:

1. Star Provisions - At our house, when we make a grand dinner at home, we call it a Big Fancy. Star Provisions is where you go to buy things for a Big Fancy. It is a companion store to Baccahanalia, the best restaurant in Atlanta, and has things like sushi-grade tuna, foie gras, 200 varieties of cheese, and individual chocolate lava cakes that you can bake at home. We’ve had many special dinners at home thanks to Star Provisions, but I haven’t found anything remotely like it in Louisville.

2. Starbucks - I realize that Louisville has Starbucks, of course, but in Atlanta there were 3 on my way to the office, each with a drive through. The one Starbucks I pass on the way to work now (Bardstown Road) doesn’t have a drive through. Not happening. The other Starbucks close to me (Frankfort Avenue) has a drive through but it is sloooow. I’ve only been there a handful of times, and twice I waited so long that they gave me my latte for free.

3. Neighborhood Schools - I have one word for the Jefferson County public school lottery debacle: SUCK. Had we stayed in Atlanta, we were hoping to move to Decatur for the excellent city schools there (Decatur is located about 6 miles east from downtown Atlanta). No such luck here in Louisville. I have no interest in moving to Oldham County either, thank you very much. I like my 10 minute commute. So for now, we are going through the private school process. I will say this about my new hometown – it does have a huge number of excellent private school options, especially given the size of the city. We will also apply for a spot at a coveted public magnet program downtown. Wish us luck.

4. Taqueria del Sol - Louisville’s got Atlanta on gourmet pizza, but it’s no match on tacos. Taqueria has 3 locations in Atlanta and there is always a line. It is Mexican food, but with a fresh and healthier twist. TDS’s most popular menu item is probably the fish tacos, but I much prefer the carnita and the brisket. You can’t leave without a salsa trio and a cheese dip either. Garden & Gun named it as one of the 100 Southern Foods You Absolutely Must Try Before You Die. What other evidence to you need? Note: El Mundo is the best taco I’ve had in Louisville, but it just can’t beat Taqueria.

5. Delta - Living in a city that is a major hub for a major airline really spoils you. Did you know that there is a daily direct flight from Atlanta to St. Thomas and that it is only 5 hours long?? Connecting through Cinncinati, or worse, Atlanta (what a slap in the face) is now par for the course. Boo!

photos: (Star Provisions); (margarita)