More Louisville Pizza

Louisville has so many local pizza options that we had to do two posts about it! We love pizza at our house, and not the vile ketchup smeared cardboard "kid" pizza you find at Pink Eye Cheese, either. Wick's has the best deep dish and would deliver right to our apartment lobby and Impellizzeri's has great thin crust and has a location just a few blocks from The Galt House. Neither will deliver to our current home (which is key when you are feeding little kids), but Boombozz does.

Tony Palombino's pizza joint has 4 Louisville locations (our favorite is the one on Frankfort Avenue) and serves gourmet pizza. The menu boasts 13 Famous Creation pizzas - the kids' favorite is the Pesto Roma (pesto sauce, 3 cheeses, Roma tomatoes, plus we add chicken or pepperoni), and my favorites include the Chicken Artichoke and the Tuscan Chicken (garlic cream sauce!). If I'm feeling really decadent, we go with the Carnitas Libre (pork, ranchero sauce, caramelized onion and peppers, Roma tomatoes, cilantro, plus a garlic sour cream dipping sauce). The best part? You can get a side by side pizza (two halves of the pizzas of your choosing) for no extra charge. Boombozz also has traditional pizzas on the menu, but I've never bothered trying them. I do recommend the goat cheese marinara appetizer, though.

For a more "date night" pizza place (hey, I said we eat a lot of pizza), give Coal's Artisan Pizza a try. It's also located on Frankfort Avenue, in the Vogue Center (also home to one of the Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchens, but that is for another post). The space has exposed brick walls and a classy-chic vibe, but the real delight is the coal oven, which burns 500 degrees hotter than a gas or electric oven and gives the crust perfectly caramelized spots. Coal's also uses a lot of organic and local ingredients, and names its pizzas after local neighborhoods. My favorite is the Bardstown, which is white pizza (onions, garlic, 4 cheeses including ricotta) plus wild mushrooms. Coal's has a nice little wine list as well.