Home Sweet Home

I stopped making New Year's resolutions years ago.  It's mental trick most of us play on ourselves; if I am supposed to do something, like lose weight, I seem to be physically unable to crawl out of bed to swim laps or to take 10 extra minutes to make an egg white omelet instead of eating a poptart in the car on my way to work.  But I do reflect on what I want to be different in a year.  In recent years, it's been make a career change for my family and my sanity (ok, that took longer than a year), write more (thanks, Heather, as always, for the opportunity to do so), and find the perfect school (no pressure there).  Bobby and I reassess financial goals every January - boring but necessary stuff like saving for retirement and college and more fun things like vacations and furniture.  Kate's room desperately needs a girly makeover, y'all, and I'm fighting hard for a monogrammed, upholstered hot pink headboard.

At the top of this year's list is buying a house.  As our readers know, I lived in an apartment in The Galt House for the first six months we were back in Kentucky.  We finally sold our house in Atlanta at an uncomfortable but not devastating loss, and, given the real estate market, we felt lucky to have sold it at all.  We have been renting a house in a fantastic neighborhood since then, but it is time to really settle into Louisville.  

It's been 2013 for 7 days, and we are already locking horns about what to buy.  Did you know that we lived in our starter Atlanta home for 9 years only because we couldn't stop arguing about decide what part of town to move to next?  Well, nothing has changed.  Choosing to send our kids to private school was appealing for many reasons, one of which was that we could buy a house anywhere.  Change that to Crap! We can live anywhere?  Now we'll never decide! What we agree on:  neither of us wants to take on any major renovations; if we did, we'd probably buy our rental house or another house in our current neighborhood.  No treeless subdivisions populated with McMansions. A basement is critical, but even here we diverge - a cellar for tornadoes would be fine with me, but he wants a full basement that we can finish out for additional living space, so bye-bye beautiful Crescent Hill American Foursquare.  He would like to live out in the boonies (in his defense, he did grow up on a farm) but I can't stomach the commute.  I would love a renovated St. Matthews cape cod but the small square footage and a tiny yard that would likely come with it might suffocate him. It's hard to envision a compromise at this (admittedly early) point in the process.

It's going to be a long year, y'all!