LEGO KidsFest is Coming to Kentucky!

No matter how much I kid about how we have a million too many Legos, or about how painful it is to step on one in the middle of the night (although both of these things are certainly true), Legos are basically the perfect toy.  They have no batteries, don't light up or make noise, not only encourage but require creativity, and entertain boys of a certain age for hours.  I hear some purists complain that Legos now mostly come in sets that stifle innovation and are too expensive, but my experience has been that once the set is created, my son as at least as much fun breaking it back down and making his own designs as he did building the original set.  And nothing tops the pure joy and pride on his face when he finishes a complicated set by himself.  I'm constantly amazed at what he can do.

LEGO KidsFest is a 3-day exposition held in handful of cities during the year, and this year it will be making a stop in Louisville April 5th-7th.  There will be a variety of activities like the LEGO model museum featuring both miniature and life-sized models, Master Builder Academy Workshop for ages 7 and up, individual and family building challenges and contests, big brick pile (think a Chuck E Cheese ball pit but with LEGOS), demonstrations from LEGO "engineers", and displays of some of the newest and/or most popular LEGO sets - if my dining room table is any indication, this will hopefully include The Hobbit, Legends of Chima, and Ninjago.  Younger children and strollers are welcome, and there is a DUPLO brick area for toddlers.  The expo is broken up into five identical 4.5 hour sessions throughout the weekend, and concessions are offered on site so you don't have to take a break to eat (you can only ticket out and back in during your own session).
Robert's been carrying around the mailer we received about KidsFest for a few weeks.  I think he'll like those tickets more than anything else in his Easter basket, don't you?  LEGO KidsFest typically sells out, so go get your tickets today.

LEGO KidsFest
April 5th-7th
Kentucky Exposition Center
937 Phillips Lane
Cost:  kids 2 and under are free; $18 for ages 3-  18 and seniors; $20 for everyone else
Parking:  $8
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