I Don't Get It: Kentucky Basketball

We are all Kentuckians. We all love the Bluegrass State in different ways and for different reasons. However, we do not all love the same things.

For example, I do not love Kentucky basketball. I don't even LIKE Kentucky basketball. And I certainly don't understand people's (Heather's) obsession with Kentucky basketball.

Now, in full disclosure, I don't really like sports generally. I was never involved in sports as a child (apart from my brilliant turn at T-ball). My family took me to the occasional baseball game, which I remember enjoying, and I attended a handful of high school football and basketball games. I think I might have even watched a soccer game. However, I was never EVER close to what you would call a fan.

Sports always seemed so superfluous. In my opinion, there are approximately a hundred other things I'd rather spend my time and money on (the list starts with Oprah and ends with gin rummy).

Now, that is not to say I'm immune to the entire UK basketball experience. It's sort of impossible to escape. I even remember the infamous 1992 Kentucky v. Duke game. When Christian Laettner made that shot, I even felt genuine disappointment that Kentucky had lost. I'm sure it even lasted ... until I got to my car that night. However, the fact that so many Kentuckians recall that game as if a loved one had received a tragic cancer diagnosis blows. my. mind.

It's not that I wish ill on the team. Every year I hope they win the championship - mainly so I don't have to hear my stepfather complain so dang much but still!

It's just - for this Kentuckian at least - it really is only a game.