What Do You Wear on Thanksgiving?

Remember that episode of Friends where Joey wore Rachel's maternity pants as "Thanksgiving pants"?

That's always the problem with Thanksgiving for me. It's a holiday, so I want to look nice. But, it's a holiday built around carbohydrates and football.  I don't want to wear a dress if everyone else is super-casual. And, you know, a more forgiving pair of pants sure wouldn't hurt.

I don't want to dress like I'm headed to yoga...

Casual Thanksgiving 2

Casual Thanksgiving 2 by heathercwatson


... But I also don't want to be overdressed.

Dressy Thanksgiving

Dressy Thanksgiving by heathercwatson


I find that, at least for my holiday purposes, dressing down is the key. I wind up playing outside with the dogs a lot on Thanksgiving. I try to layer up and stay comfortable. And hopefully not venture too far into "Outdoorsy Ralph Lauren-ish costume" territory. 

Casual Thanksgiving

Casual Thanksgiving by heathercwatson

Ok, sometimes I may fail on that endeavor, but I sure am nuts about those Winchester Shell earrings. (In case you're wondering, Santa...)

What do y'all wear to Thanksgiving Dinner?