Why I'm Voting: Glenda

The Huffington Post recently ran a piece entitled Why 27 Influential Women Are Voting This November (And Why You Should Too). The post, and its accompanying hashtag campaign, come in reaction to a Fox News host's suggestion that young women stay away from the polls and "stick to Tinder and Match.com." Earlier today, I shared my own reason for voting in today's election. HerKentucky writer and photographer Glenda McCoy kindly shared her own #WhyImVoting sign, and it really is the best reason I can imagine. -- HCW

Longtime HerKentucky readers know that Glenda and her husband David have spent the last 13 months in search of a diagnosis for their young daughter Katherine Belle, who suffers from an as-yet undiagnosed rare disease. Glenda works tirelessly to raise awareness for rare diseases, and hopes that candidates will support rare disease research funding. For Glenda's family, it literally is a matter of life or death. You can read about KB's journey at HopeforKatherineBelle.com.

We love this shirt that KB wore to the precinct today!!