502 Lunch Week and Mind of a Chef celebrate Louisville's Food Scene

Louisville is an amazing Foodie town.

Ok, I know that the term "Foodie" is on its way out of fashion, but you know what I mean... The food here is incredible. People love to eat, cook, and go to really nice restaurants. I consistently find better, more creative meals in Louisville than in bigger cities like Nashville or Chicago. And a whole lot of folks tend to agree with me on that. 



From Monday, September 9th through Thursday, September 20th, you can try some of Louisville's best restaurants during 502 Lunch Week. Restaurants like Atlantic No 5 (read my review here), Brasserie Provence, St. Charles Exchange, and more are offering special two course menus (including beverage) for just $10 or $15 per person, depending on the restaurant. What a fun way to celebrate Louisville's foodie culture!

One of Louisville's favorite chefs, Edward Lee, (read my review of MilkWood here) will be featured on the third season of The Mind of a Chef, starting Monday on PBS. The Anthony Bourdain-produced series is always a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at restaurant culture, and I can't wait to see how Chef Lee spotlights the city!

Monday is a big day for Louisville foodies. Get your DVRs and reservations ready!