Kentucky Trivia for a Snow Day

Happy Thursday, y'all! We've got beautiful, crisp skies here in Louisville and it's a lovely January day!

OK, I'm not kidding anyone. It's miserably cold outside. I'm sure many of y'all have kids who are home from school and going stir crazy. Even my dogs are getting into the cabin fever spirit. They ask to go outside, get as far as the porch, then realize that they hate it outside. This has now happened twice thrice.

Since we're all looking for some things to do while staying inside, here's a Kentucky  trivia game to keep your kids occupied. Visit the Kentucky Tourism Kids' Page to download Kentucky-themed coloring sheets and word searches. Click here to download a copy of the HerKentucky Trivia Game and Answers.

10 Kentucky Trivia Questions

  1.  "Kentucky" comes from an Iroquois word that means what?
  2. Kentucky was originally a part of what state?
  3. What is Kentucky’s official state beverage?    
  4.  What Kentucky county hosts an annual ham festival?
  5. Every Kentucky citizen is required by law to take a shower at least how often?
  6. In Kentucky, it is illegal to remarry the same person more than how many times?
  7. True or false: Dwarf, Monkey’s Eyebrow, Rabbit Hash, and Mousie are all real place names in Kentucky.
  8. What Kentucky city is built inside a meteor crater?
  9. True or false: A horse named Vagrant won the first Kentucky Derby.
  10. The first cheeseburger was served in what Kentucky city?


1. Meadowland
2. Virginia
3. Milk
4. Trigg County
5. Once a year
6. Three
7. True
8. Middlesboro
9. False. Aristides won the first Derby; Vagrant won the second.
10. Louisville

Here's to staying warm and learning a little bit about the Commonwealth!