Lexington Party and Sample Sale for sizes 10+

This Saturday in Lexington, I'm hosting a party and sample sale with fashion in sizes 10-32. Fashion above a size 10 can be so difficult to find, and this will be the first time items from designers like Kiyonna, IGIGI, Karen Kane, and more will be available on-site in Kentucky!

The clothing comes from Gwynnie Bee, which is a monthly subscription clothing service that I'm obsessed with. The sample items being sold are gently worn rental inventory but all have been thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Best of all, everything will be $20 or less!

You can find the invitation on Facebook, where I'll also be posting some sneak peeks of items that will be for sale. Please invite your friends and family. Did I mention we'll have snacks, sweets, and mimosas?!

Post by Authentically Emmie.

Will I see you on Saturday?

Shipwrecked at the Circus in Louisville

Did you know that there is a cirque-style circus in Louisville? Annual shows began in 1948 following World War II, featuring members of a professional Circus troupe wintering in Louisville.

Photo credits: Rebecca Hellemans Foley

Over 60 years later, Tuners Circus is still performing annually with shows including people of all ages who train throughout the year at Louisville Turners. This weekend and next, Turners is having their annual Circus, themed "Shipwreck." Come out to enjoy daring feats by aerial artists, fire performers, jugglers, and more!  This is their primary fundraiser for the year and is a fun experience for the entire family.
  • Show dates: March 14, 15, 20, 21 or 22 at 7:00pm and March 16 or 23 at 2:00pm 
  • Cost: Advance tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under, available by contacting Turner Circus at www.turnercircus.org. Tickets purchased at the door are $15 for adults and $10 for children 
  • Location: 3125 River Road, Louisville
See you at the circus!

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: My Story

This is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and while the name doesn't roll off the tongue, it's such an important time to really talk about something that usually carries such stigma but is really pervasive in society.


In the United States, 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some time in their life, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, or other specified feeding or eating disorder (OSFED).

I had no idea that I had one.

I had been worried about my weight since I was 5, when I started learning my mom's dieting ways. I thought that battling being legitimately overweight didn't have anything to do with an eating disorder. You could SEE that I didn't have problem with eating food, right? But you couldn't see it. Appearances can be extremely deceiving. Throughout the years, I restricted, binge exercised, and binge ate.

I didn't really understand what binge eating meant, I just told myself that I had no self control and was lazy and ate too much. The turning point came when I could understand:

Eating disorders are serious illnesses, not lifestyle choices. 

Thanks to ongoing therapy and education, it's been about 3 years since I last binged, but it's something that never goes away. Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is just one of several types of eating disorders. My hope is that by talking about personal experiences, we can start talking about it instead of judging others and keeping quiet.

More of my story can be found at Ladies' Home Journal online. To learn more about eating disorders or to find help, visit NEDAwareness.org.

7 Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

Today we have a great guest post from Colene Elridge, aka Coach Colene. 

Are you “over” this winter? From school cancellations and delays, to sloshing through snow, it’s easy to fall into a funk in February. Don’t get down, though, as there are simple things you can do to ease cabin fever. Here are my seven tips to help you make it through the rest of the winter with a positive outlook:

  1. Slow Down. Bears hibernate for a reason, right? This is the season right before the great awakening that is spring; use it to do your best work… the work on yourself. I tend to go 100 miles a minute, but winter forces me to slow down a bit. What do I do with my “extra” time? Read, bake, go to movies, and catch up on TV shows. 
  2. Treat Yourself. I’m a firm believer that we all deserve a big slice of happiness! Rewarding ourselves with a bit of a treat is incentive enough to keep us moving until spring. I buy loose-leaf tea and local honey and savor every sip of it. I’ll spend time with friends who make me laugh. What small ways can you treat yourself? 
  3. Exercise. I do hot yoga, so it’s easy for me to go in the winter because it’s hot and feels like a bit of a vacation from the cold. We all know exercising is good for you, so take some time to work up a sweat. Your mindset, and your spring and summer clothes, will thank you! 
  4. Wear something bright. Don't feel like you have to wait until spring to wear bright colors. They will help boost your mood and add a bit of pep into your wardrobe. 
  5. Get rid of stuff. Go through your house and get rid of things you don't need, use or love. This act of making room for spring will get you in the right frame of mind for a new awakening. Make sure you donate and/or recycle the things you can. You'll feel good about the extra space and giving to those in need. 
  6. Embrace the cold. Make an effort to go outside to take in the crisp air and get a bit of sunshine. The vitamin D is good for you, plus you can take in nature’s splendor. 
  7. Do something you've been putting off. Use this time to do something you've been procrastinating about. Frame pictures, knit a scarf, call an old friend to catch up. Pick one thing and tackle it! 
About Coach Colene: Colene is a dynamic trainer who offers an interactive and innovative approach to learning and development. She is a Success Coach who works with individuals and organizations that aspire to "Be More." Colene is also a human resources professional and certified mediator. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Transylvania University and a Master’s degree Sullivan University. You can learn more about Coach Colene here

Which of these will you embrace to help beat your winter blues?

Kentucky Traditions: Southern Lights

Usually during the Kentucky wintertime, with its unpredictable weather, I spend a lot of time holed up in my house. I don't have kids, so there isn't a lot of incentive to head to parades or to see Santa. There is, however, one holiday tradition that I do brave the cold for: Southern Lights at the Kentucky Horse Park. 

Photo by whenlostin on Flickr

This marks the 20th year of Southern Lights, which is a wonderland of oversized lighted holiday decorations that run through the Kentucky Horse Park. You get to stay in your car and "ooh" and "aah" at the over 1 million lights while running the heat at full blast. My favorite display every year is the "12 Days of Christmas" which is illustrated through twinkle lights. There are also animated displays, which are fun.

Photo by osubeav on Flickr

I don't stay in the car for long though. I always pop out at the end where they have pony and camel rides (for the youngin's), craft vendors, refreshments, and other fun things. But the real reason I get out in the cold? The petting zoo.

I mean really, who doesn't want to feed the goats?!

I'm not quite sure why my husband and I love the petting zoo so much. It's just a fun thing to do, and you can get your hand tickled by animal lips as they eat feed. They're just so darn cute. 

The lights are on each night (from 5:30-10:00 pm) through December 31, and the indoor attractions are be open each night, with the exception of November 28 and December 24 through December 31.

Southern Lights is a great family event and is budget-friendly since you pay per car versus per-person.
  • Personal Vehicle (Sunday - Thursday) $15.00
  • Personal Vehicle (Friday and Saturday) $20.00
  • Extended Van  $30.00
So, if you head out to Southern Lights, make sure to look for me at the petting zoo. I'll most likely be with the goats. 

HerKentucky Business: Stratton Eyes

Here at HerKentucky, we love sharing wisdom from women business owners from around the Commonwealth. Today, we hear from Dr. Dawn Stratton of Stratton Eyes in Lexington

Why build your practice in Kentucky? 
I came to Lexington in 1994 following graduation from Optometry school in Chicago so that my husband could finish a master’s degree. We fell in love with the area and decided to stay. Lexington often weathers recessions and downturns much better than most cities because of an abundance of colleges and universities in the area as well as a thriving healthcare industry and a diverse economy. These factors help small businesses thrive in the Bluegrass. In 2006, Forbes ranked Lexington, KY 21st among the Best Places for Business and Careers

You've been in business for a while now any words of wisdom or lessons learned along the way that you could pass along?
As quoted by John Wooden “Nothing will work unless you do”. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you push yourself. Sometimes success depends on your willingness to devote more personal energy and work longer hours. However, when challenges slow your progress, it’s sometimes hard to remember that something good might come from all your hard work. Self-doubt can leave you wondering if your goals are worth the mental fatigue that you’re enduring along the way. I have found over the last 20 years of small business ownership that almost always, a worthwhile goal requires tremendous effort and commitment. If your goal means that much to you, and if you’re willing to do the tough stuff and not give up, you have an excellent chance of achieving it.

What should people look for when picking out an eye doctor? Should there be different considerations for children versus adults?
A major factor you should consider when choosing an eye doctor is the recommendation of that doctor by friends, family members and coworkers. Word-of-mouth referrals often are the best way to find a friendly, competent and caring eye doctor and avoid unpleasant surprises when you go to have your eyes examined. The little details can make an eye exam a very positive experience for your child. An office with a great play area and scheduled appointments with no wait time, along with a doctor who leaves the clinic coat in the closet provide a friendly relaxed environment for your child to sit back and enjoy their eye examination!

What are the general guidelines for how often people should visit the eye doctor? Does the age of the patient determine how often they should go?
Children should receive their first comprehensive eye examination before the age of 3, unless a specific condition or history of family childhood vision problems warrants an earlier examination. Children ages 3 to 19 should see the eye doctor every year or two, unless more visits are recommended due to specific medical conditions. Adults from the ages of 20 to late 30’s should have an eye exam every two years. Yearly exams become important in the late thirties when changes in vision and focus along with eye diseases are more likely to develop.

I know a lot of people who avoid going to the eye doctor because they don't want to get their eyes dilated, but the past several times I've been, I haven't had to do that. What other options are there?
While eye exams generally include a look at the front of the eye to evaluate health and prescription changes, a thorough screening of the retina is critical to verify that your eye is healthy. This can lead to early detection of common diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration, and even cancer. In the past, dilating the eye was the only way to get a full view of the retina. Thanks to new technology, the Optos Retinal Imaging System is able to provide a digital picture of the back of the eye without the use of dilation drops. The exam is quick, painless, and provides an image that can be saved for comparison at future exams.

Are there any trends in eyewear that you're seeing coming down the line? Will we all still want to wear hipster glasses?
Eyewear has become a must-have accessory for both men and women that provide an exciting way to change your style without having to buy an entire new wardrobe. The newest trends include streamlined cat-eye styles; dramatic patterns and colorful temples with a rounded frame; as well as shapes and retro-keyhole cut bridges. Hipster frames are on the way out, to be replaced by Statement frames in shapes that bridge the gap between rectangular and square; these frames can perfectly frame the face.

Here at HerKentucky, we love to support Kentucky's women owned businesses. What advice do you have for women who wants to start their own business?
Find your passion. Set a goal and go for it. Just prepare to do a lot of hard hammering, chiseling and polishing but the end result can be so worth it.

Quick Fire Round: 
  • Coffee or tea? Coffee 
  • Bourbon or martinis? Wine red and dry 
  • One dream you still want to reach? Creating a one stop shop all under one roof for busy moms that includes an optometrist, dentist, chiropractor, gym, gynecologist and, best of all, child care to entertain your kids while you take care of all your appointments. 
  • Favorite Lexington restaurant? Azur 
  • Favorite way to spend a Friday night. Dinner, movie and the company of good friends!
Thanks Dr. Stratton for sharing a mix of business insight and practical advice! Make sure to check out our other HerKentucky Business posts here

Lexington Fall Visitors Ideas

In a little over a week, I have friends from out of state coming in town for the Tough Mudder in Maysville. They're staying with me in Lexington, and I have a very short amount of time to convince them how amazing this city is. Here are some of my initial ideas. Consider using them if you're trying to entertain guests this fall!


I mean, you know that'd be the first thing on anyone's list, right? Thankfully, the Fall Meet runs through October 26th on all days except Monday and Tuesday. First race post time is 1:05 pm daily.

Kelley Farms Corn Maze

photo credit: Kelley Farms

This year's corn maze at Kelley Farms just out Old Richmond Road in Lexington is a tribute to R.J. Corman. Corman was a Nicholasville native and backhoe operator turned railway magnate. He passed earlier this year, and this is a great tribute. Kelley Farms has the corn maze, goats, hayrides, yummy festival food, pumpkins, and more. The farm is open through October 26th. Hours and prices are on their website.

Ghost Tour at Buffalo Trace Distillery
photo credit: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Going on a tour of at least one distillery is a must-do for visitors and residents alike, but seasonally appropriate is the Ghost Tour at Buffalo Trace. These night time tours are equal parts spooky and interesting. The tours run Thurs-Sat at 7pm, and last 1 hour. Reservations must be made well in advance.


photo credit: Shakespeare & Company

As much as I love my friends, I don't like cooking 3 meals a day for groups. A list of non-chain restaurants is always handy in these occasions. Maybe we'll stop by Nick Ryan's Saloon for The Stirrup Cup Hot Brown plus a little flavor of downtown. Or we could head to my favorite place for southern diner food plus a piece of Missy's Pies: Ramesy's. For a completely different environment, we might go to Shakespeare & Company (photo above) downtown. And if we want some of the best brunch around, a trip to Winchell's on Southland Drive will be on the agenda. Elvis Pancakes, perhaps?

What other fun visitors ideas do you have?