Alltech Rebelation

So, I recently had a couple of really good ideas that could become exciting business opportunities. That alone isn't cause for celebration. Most of us have really good ideas every day.

Think of it this way: Once upon a time, somebody thought up the idea that peanuts would taste even better if they were ground into a buttery paste. Then, a Lexington-based businessman named William T Young stepped in, and THEN we had JIF Peanut Butter as we now know it. Of course, y'all know that explanation is wildly oversimplified; there were mergers and patents and recipes and decades of hard work along the way.  Good ideas only become great businesses when you have the right mix of inspiration, hard work, and a great support system. 

I'm super-excited to attend Alltech's Rebelation Symposium next week as I take my own inspiration to business plan stage, assemble my support system, and hopefully build something great.

Alltech, of course,  is the central Kentucky-based animal health and nutrition company that has brought us everything from algae farms to Kentucky Ale to the World Equestrian Games. The company has made a huge impact on the Lexington business landscape, and they've put together an incredible event focusing on big ideas in business, food & beverage industries, and agriculture, with sub-tracks focusing on everything from building digital businesses to distilling whiskey. Speakers include Colin Powell, Coach Calipari, Bill Samuels, and Alltech's founder and president Dr. Pearse Lyons. From farmers to marketers to techies, there's a presentation for everyone!

If you're local to Kentucky, you still have plenty of time to register and attend Rebelation, which will be held Sunday through Wednesday (May 17-20) at the Lexington Center. You also won't want to miss the Craft Brews and Food Fest on Saturday from noon to 8 pm.

Make sure to follow along on HerKentucky's Twitter and Instagram as I attend the event! Hope to see y'all there!