Bennett's Beaufort Bonnet

Here at HerKentucky, we just love The Beaufort Bonnet Company. We love the classic, Southern style their clothing and accessories lend to the littlest masters and misses across the Commonwealth. We love their owner, Lexington native Markey Hart Hutchinson, who is as charming and gracious as she can be. But, most of all, we love that TBBC cares.

That's why we urge you, if there's a little girl in your life -- if, like me, you have a niece on the way, or if you have a little daughter or granddaughter or basically any little gal who'd like to look pretty while helping others -- please buy the Limited Edition Bennett's Beaufort Bonnet

Bennett is one of the faces of TBBC. She's a gorgeous little girl who's been a model for TBBC. Tragically, she's been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor which hasn't responded to aggressive treatments. ALL net proceeds from the sale of Bennett's Beaufort Bonnet will go to Bennett's family. 

This is a beautiful bonnet with an even more beautiful cause. Stock up on baby presents today at TBBC!

{All images courtesy The Beaufort Bonnet Company.}