BHO-CBD Oil Massage at Griffin Gate Spa

Griffin Gate Spa

{Please note that this review makes no claims of medical expertise; as a longtime suffer of chronic pain, I’m simply detailing my experiences!}

I recently had the opportunity to visit The Spa at Griffin Gate for a special massage incorporating Bluegrass Hemp Oil, a CBD extract. While I knew that CBD products are gaining popularity across the country, I didn’t know much about the product until my spa day at Lexington’s Griffin Gate Marriott. I was so pleasantly surprised by what I learned.

Bluegrass Hemp Oil was developed by a Lexington-area couple who wanted to find a safe way to control their son’s seizure disorder. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over a hundred cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. This is not a psychoactive or intoxicating substance, and it is grown legally in Kentucky in the hemp plant. Many studies have shown that CBD oils and supplements have shown long-term improvement for pediatric treatment-resistant epilepsy and seizure disorders as well as anxiety, movement disorders, and pain.


I was certainly intrigued to learn more. I’ve been battling a pretty severe flareup of my cervical disk injury (hello, 10 hours a day at the computer or iPhone!) and TMJ, as well as a larger-than-usually degree of stress, and this seemed like an interesting way to test a Kentucky-produced product for my pain. I have to say, I was a little skeptical going in. but this was an incredible experience. The massage therapist soon allayed my fears — she was initially quite concerned about the level of inflammation visible around my damaged disk and we literally watched and felt that inflammation subside as she worked the CBD oil into my neck. Bob noted that he could see the difference later that evening, as well. There is some evidence pointing to cannabinoids as substitutes for typical anti-inflammatory drugs, and I am cautiously optimistic about using BHO’s CBD oil as a topical treatment for some of my joint inflammation, as I am restricted from taking aspirin and other NSAID drugs due to a stomach issue. I am so looking forward to another CBD oil massage from Griffin Gate to help me better control pain chronic pain!


Thank you so much to Bluegrass Hemp Oil and Griffin Gate for the amazing tool they’ve provided me on my journey toward pain-free living. I can’t recommend the oil or the massage services at Griffin Gate highly enough! Y’all, this is a game-changer!

{I was provided a complimentary massage in exchange for an honest assessment of the service and products used. No additional financial compensation was provided; all opinions are my own.}