Raising Ms. President: My Chat with Kiley Parker

I have always planned on running for public office. I grew up with fantastic role models of female leadership and was incredibly blessed to work for Hillary Clinton's first presidential campaign. Running for office always seemed like something I could and should do.

And yet, I am the exception to the rule.

As Heather wrote last week, the lack of female representation is a huge problem in the United States. Documentary filmmaker Kiley Lane Parker is hoping to address that problem with her new film Raising Ms. President.

I sat down with Kiley to talk about female leadership, running for office, and her film.

If you're interested in supporting the production of this important project, please visit the film's Kickstarter campaign. For as little $15 you can see your name in the credits! You'll be seeing my name in the credits.

And who knows? Thanks to Kiley's inspiration maybe you'll see my name on a campaign poster sooner rather than later...

~ Sarah Stewart Holland