Churchill verdict from a Keeneland Purist

A few weeks ago, I made my first pilgrimage to Churchill Downs. For many biased Lexingtonians, Keeneland is the "best" race track in the state. I've heard from the Lexingtonian's that Keeneland is prettier, people dress nicer, and it is just a better overall experience. My only Churchill Downs experience has been through my television, where I watch and judge those in the Kentucky Derby infield. 

At Churchill Downs
For my first trip to Churchill Downs, hubs and I were guests of my friend Melinda who is a Kentucky Colonel. Perhaps my experience was tainted by being on Millionaire's Row, which was nicely decorated for all the Colonels, but all the areas seemed great to me.

Horses are pretty no matter where you are.
The track was well maintained, bathrooms were clean, service was good, drinks were tasty (yum bourbon), and food was as advertised. It was noticeably larger than Keeneland, but that's to be expected.
The room setup with balcony access
All in all, I don't get the fuss between one track being better than the other. They're both Kentucky gems that we should experience as much as possible. Both are the same in one key aspect: I can't seem to win money at either of them.

So, who's taking me to the Derby this year? :)