It's just a cup!

The year was 2007. I was 26 years old, prancing through the aisles of Bed, Bath and Beyond looking for a new trash can. Due to my tendency of wanting the latest and greatest, of course it had to be stainless, and be the most fancy model out there. Don't worry though, I restrained myself from purchasing the one with the automatic lid opener.

But I digress.

In the middle of the aisles - you know, the ones that are hard to navigate your shopping cart around, typically filled with Yankee Candles and "As Seen On TV" items - there was a lady making quite a fuss over something.

"But they're on sale! I can get enough for the entire family. Maybe I can get some for Christmas or birthday gifts!"

I passed her off as being a loud-talker, but of course my shopping mind had to see what the fuss was about.
The Tervis Tumbler
Those of you deeply rooted in Southern tradition might have said "oooh, I get it!" Not me. I looked at them and thought "$15 for a plastic cup? Crazy lady.

I left with my massive, fancy trash can in hand and I forgot all about the cups....

Until next week back on campus at UK (in grad school), I saw these things EVERYWHERE! Then at friends houses, I noticed them. I finally asked what the deal was with the cups.

Friend: *gasp* "You mean my Tervis Tumblers?"
Me: "They have a name?"
Friend: "What planet do you live on?"
Me: "One without one of these cups?"
Friend: *gasp* "it's a tumbler, not a cup!"

And so it went. I was educated on the Tervis Tumbler - the cup that didn't ever get condensation that you could have little "badges" inside for customization, and that you could drink with cold or hot drinks.

A couple of years ago I finally went ultra-Southern and not only bought a Tervis Tumbler, but one with the Lexington Junior League on it.

Today, I saw that Tervis now has a water bottle. Considering this is my current beverage container, perhaps a cute Tervis water bottle would be a good backup?

How many Tervis Tumblers do you have? Do they have any badge/patch things inside of them?