Le Relais: a Delicious Flight to a More Romantic Time.

Image via KAHS/ Bowman Field
Louisville's Taylorsville Road is hardly a romantic stretch.  I've always thought of it as a bridge between the Highlands and the East End, with few remarkable sights of its own.  There are a lot of ranch-style houses.

But, just past a strip of Taylorsville Road gas stations and liquor stores, lies Bowman Field, Kentucky's first commercial airport which dates back to 1922.  Charles Lindbergh once flew the Spirit of St Louis there.  Scenes from Goldfinger were filmed there.  It's a charming testament to the glamor and romance of the early days of flight.  

Image via Le Relais.
Nestled inside the Art Deco terminal building is Le Relais, a charming French bistro with a decidedly nostalgic feel.  Sometimes, on just the right day, you feel like you've stepped into a scene from Casablanca.  It's almost impossible to believe that you're still a stone's throw away from everyday Louisville as you order fromage, escargots, and tarte aux pommes. Rather, you feel that you're in a magical way station, fueling up on delicious French food as you prepare to board a plane for a more romantic time.

Image via Le Relais

Le Relais is my favorite Valentine's Day dinner destination.  The beautiful location, extensive wine list, and delicious French fare provide a truly romantic backdrop without the overwrought gimmicks that so often arise with the February holiday.  Instead, Le Relais can provide you with a fantastic crème brûlée and the off-chance of seeing Lindbergh's ghost.   That's a pretty special Valentine's Day in my book.