Megan's 20 Things

20 Random Things I love about Kentucky:
1.  William T Young Library- spent many days and nights in this beautiful library. 

2.  Chevy Chase Starbucks- I absolutely love this area and spent a lot of time at this establishment.
3.  Woodland Arts Festival- lovely little festival
4.  Arboretum Walking Trail- so many mornings and evenings spent strolling this walking trail.
5.  Freeman Lake- one neat thing about Elizabethtown
6.  Bellini's- love their food
7.  AJ's Casuals- super cute clothes
8.  Elizabethtown Swim and Fitness Center- many memories here
9.  Cheapside Bar and Grill- no explanation needed!

10.  Harvey's- their jukebox is dangerous.
11.  McCarthy's Irish Pub- does the guy with the Russian hat still work the door?
12.  White Hall Classroom Building- University of Kentucky
13. Keeneland- no explanation needed.
14.  Charlie Brown's- love their cheese poppers
15.  Churchill Downs- a Kentucky staple
16.  SDF- always excited to go on trips.
17. Elizabethtown Baptist Church- reppin' my hometown!
18.  Common Grounds Coffee House- lovely little nook to study or hang out

19.  Rosebud- so many memories here
 20.  Austin City Saloon- one word: karaoke ... maybe another word: popcorn