The Big Game

It’s been a crazy, crazy week in the Commonwealth.

Red and Blue Twin Spires, via Churchill Downs.
There’s a little basketball game going on tomorrow, in case you haven’t heard.  There have been instances of old-guy fisticuffs, and general bad behavior.  It’s the sports news story of the week.  And, here in Kentucky, it’s the Game of the Century. *

Now, it’s no secret around here that I love UK basketball a lot.  Probably more than is healthy.  Here on HerKentucky, we’ve discussed it before: Sarah thinks basketball is just a game; I consider it a way of life.  I always just assume that every Kentuckian is as fanatic about basketball as I am, but maybe they aren’t.
This morning, I started thinking.  Maybe tomorrow’s UK-U of L game isn’t the biggest thing going on in everyone’s weekend.  Maybe every Kentucky girl hasn’t spent a ton of time researching the best Wildcat Blue nail polish for her Final Four mani-pedi.  (It’s Essie’s Mesmerize, btw.  You’re welcome.)  I’ve heard plenty from my UK fan friends, and a good bit from the Cards fans I know. 

But, I’d love to hear from our non-fan friends and readers.  Are you a displaced “other team” fan in the Bluegrass State?  Are you cheering for the Buckeyes or the Jayhawks? Or, are you just ambivalent about a college basketball game? 

Please (respectfully) share your story in the comments below or on our Facebook page.  We'd love to hear what you have to say!!

*I hate the “of the century” device as much as the next gal, but for once it’s accurate.  It doesn’t matter if, over the course of the next eighty-eight years, someone scores 100 points, wins the BCS bowl, or runs a sub-1:50 Derby.  This is it. It could only be topped by a UK-UL National Championship Game.  Bring it, selection committee.