Pizza in Paducah

I love pizza. If given the choice, I would eat it for lunch and dinner everyday. I love it that much. I developed and nurtured my love of pizza growing up in Paducah. My parents and I would order pizza every Sunday night before we sat down for the latest episode of Lois and Clark. (Don't judge me!) My best friend and I would save and scrounge for the $7 it took to order a medium cheese pizza on weekends.

Due to my long and dedicated history of pizza consumption, I count myself as a Paducah pizza expert and here are my top picks if you're looking for a delicious slice while in River City.

  1. Pizza by the Pound They don't deliver and they don't have to. It's that good. Pizza by the Pound, a local institution since 1964, is home of the eight pound pizza. If you can eat it in one hour and in one setting, they'll give you $100. I just prefer a few slices of pepperoni that will only make you feel like you've gained eight pounds. 
  2. Pizza Inn Recently crowned the #1 Readers' Choice in the Paducah Sun, Pizza Inn is the best pizza buffet I've ever had. It was also our choice on Sunday nights growing up. They have the best thin crust pizza and the most amazing chocolate chip dessert pizza you've ever tasted. 
  3. Michael's New York Style Pizza The runner-up for Readers Choice, Michael's is great for big, saucy slices just like they sell in the Big Apple. I love the spiciness of their sauce and their crust is delicious. 
  4. Italian Village Pizza You can get a large pizza for $7. Enough said. (I have NOTHING to say about the music on their website.)
  5. Max's Brick Oven This is what I call fancy pizza. There is a time and place for fancy, brick oven pizza and when that time comes, you want to be at Max's. 
What's your favorite pizza in Paducah?