Reason #2 to come visit

So, the last reason I gave you to come visit was kinda gross...fascinating but gross.

Then Lydia wrote her awesome tutorial and I was reminded of the real reason you should come to Paducah. Such a good reason I ranked it #2! (#1 being ME...of course)


Paducah is Quilt Capitol of ... wait for it... the WORLD!

We have a Quilt Convention. We have a Quilt Museum. We have lots and lots and lots of quilts.

So, what's the big deal you ask? A bunch of blankets. Who cares?


Quilts aren't just blankets. Quilts are ART and until you've stood inches from tee tiny stitches which are not only exactly the same size but were done by hand.  Then you may not look down upon the art of quilting.

It's not just the incredible skill that is required.

(Side note: Upon graduation from college, I decided to make my now husband a quilt. I spent an insane amount of money on fabric for a quilt that ended up being about the size of a crib sheet and was pushed to tears in frustration. I've all but blocked the entire memory.)

Real quilters create incredible tableaus that put color and shape together in ways you can't even imagine.
The quilts themselves are beautiful. They are unique. They are definitely worth a visit.

~ Sarah Stewart Holland