Quilts Galore

Since Sarah shared with us why Paducah is known as Quilt City with the AQS Quilt Show in town and Cincinnati recently hosted the International Quilt Festival, I thought it a perfect time to share some of our favorite quilts.

Heather’s grandmother appears to be a prolific quilter – mastering all the traditional patchwork and applique styles.

She also throws in some great modern prints, too, with this patchwork quilt. I’m not sure who likes it more – Heather with her love of Lilly P or Max!

Emily loves quilts for the same reasons I do – each quilt is a labor of love. Quilters often quilt because they love the process, but every quilter I know loves to make quilts for others – almost meditating over the recipient while making the gift.

With this in mind, Emily decided to learn to quilt. She found a local quilter on Etsy and asked for lessons. This is a great way to learn a new craft.

While Emily quickly found out that quilting isn’t always great for those with ever-changing attention spans, she did make two awesome quilts!

One for her father with an Asian influence, and a great patchwork quilt made from some modern Amy Butler fabric (an icon in the modern quilting world!).



My beloved aunt, Carol, helped teach me to quilt when I decided to do a class project on quilting. When she passed away, I inherited her amazing machine, and my love for modern-style quilting really blossomed. I love to use modern fabrics in conjunction with more traditional patterns and also to try to come up with new designs.

City Bliss Play Quilt

I’ve found that baby blankets are just about the perfect size – not so big I get tired of them and not so small that they aren’t functional. Plus, I love giving handmade baby gifts! Who doesn’t want a quilt to snuggle under?

Blue Angles Quilt - front

Ellie's Baby Quilt

Blue Angles Quilt - front

Nine Patch Lattice Baby Quilt

Finished! Seeing Squares for Baby Colin

If I could just find the time to make a quilt for myself!