We didn’t go anywhere for Spring Break. In fact, it feels like I’ve been in Kentucky for the past five years. Something about having a baby is not conducive to vacationing. Go figure.

I love Kentucky. Don’t get me wrong but any place can start to feel like a cage after too long.

In a desperate attempt at a getaway, we left Thursday afternoon for Kentucky Lake for a long Easter weekend away with family. I’ve written about my love of the Lake before but this trip was a little different. I don’t think I’ve ever spent substantial time on the Lake this early in the year. And while it’s been warm, it hasn’t been warm enough to enjoy the traditional water-based activities.

So, on Friday, my grandmother and I took Griffin the Golden Pond Planetarium at Land Between the Lakes. My little boy has been particularly fascinated with the sun, moon, and stars of late so I started searching for an outlet a couple of weeks back. I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t even know Land Between the Lakes had a planetarium.
I was surprised to see the extensive schedule and we ended up seeing a show in the afternoon about the IBEX. It was a little advanced for a two-year-old but he still loved it and we got the schedule for summer night observations in the observatory.

We had a wonderful afternoon and the planetarium wasn’t the only surprise. As we drove the length of LBL (thanks Foss Maritime!), I couldn’t believe how much it had to offer. From elk and bison to hiking trails galore, I saw an entire summer of adventure stretching in front of us.

I know it wasn’t an escape to a tropical isle. But just when I thought I couldn’t drive the same street one more time, it was nice to reminded there were roads left untraveled so close to home.  

~ Sarah Stewart Holland