Books In Progress Conference

A couple of weeks ago, I finally utilized a gem in Lexington, The Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning. As someone who has a goal to write a book but no idea if I'm on the right path, I thought the Books-in-Progress Conference sounded perfect.

The conference featured sessions for writers of all types: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, YA, and more. Bestselling author and Kentucky-native Barbara Kingsolver led the keynote session where she answered a variety of questions from the group about her inspiration, research, writing, and editing process. Literary agents Sorche Fairbank and Janet Reid were on hand to have individual sessions with authors, and also to speak about the querying process.

The sessions were fantastic and I left not only with inspiration to write, but also feeling that you don't have to be a literary whiz in order to call yourself a writer. 

The Carnegie Center offers classes both online and off throughout the year, and also provides writing mentors for consultation. If you have any interest in writing, check them out as we continue to hold Kentucky as the literary arts capital of Mid-America. (Here's a great article from Business Lexington about local authors)

Learn more about the Carnegie Center on their website. To read about more of HerKentucky's favorite Kentucky-writers, check out this post.