Garden Success in the Bluegrass!

Last month, I shared with you my source for all things vegetable plants: Michler’s in Lexington. Today, I’m here to show you a little bit of success.

I am proud to reveal my very first harvestable, I-can’t-believe-I-didn’t-kill-them vegetables. I give you…radishes:
These guys were, reportedly, juicy and carried a little bit of spicy bite to them. I’m not a fan of radishes, so I happily divided my harvest between my husband and my mom. Both of them bit right into them like they were apples. Success!

Almost ready to harvest is this banana pepper. I LOVE banana peppers and am trying to wait patiently until it’s fully ripe. Not much longer!
The cayenne peppers are coming along quite nicely, too. My husband says we need to wait just a bit longer for these to be ready. I have no idea what do with them once harvested, but he seems excited at the process. It took me by surprise that there was even fruit on this plant. It’s hard to spot!
For you seasoned green thumbs, these three successes might seem old hat or piddly. Not so, my friends! This is proof that I do not kill every living plant placed in my care. It’s a summertime miracle!