Girls' Day in Prestonsburg

Today, I had the opportunity to see my hometown in a whole new light.
Laci and my mom read Fancy Nancy.

Like all towns, Prestonsburg has changed a lot over the years.  And, I've spent a lot of time away from home.  Needless to say, things are different than they when I was a kid.  Today, I went on a girls' trip with my mom and my 6 year-old cousin, Laci.  We did many of the same activities that Mom and I did on lazy summer afternoons when I was little, but it all felt so different.  It was really an amazing experience to see it all through Laci's eyes and remember my own childhood.

We took Laci to the local library.  When I was a kid, the library seemed so huge.  It was such a big deal to go there.  Going back, it seemed smaller. The selection was certainly different than I recalled.  The new children's area was so adorable.  We just happened to be there while the nursery rhyme mural was being painted!

Laci LOVED helping me sweeten my coffee!

We met two of our aunts for lunch.  When I was a kid, the fanciest place in town was Jerry's.  These days, we have a fancy cafe with such upscale offerings as lobster bisque and cappuccino.  It was certainly a culinary step up!!

We ended our adventure at Jenny Wiley State Park.  We walked along the river bank and visited the main Lodge.  My family spent so many fun summer days here when I was little; it was so fun to revisit those memories with my sweet cousin.  It was a charming way to see the town I've seen so many times.