It's hot

It's hot. It's all anyone can talk about. It's all anyone can think about. It's all that exists. My Facebook feed is full of it. People post screenshots of the forecast or take photos of their overtaxed thermostats.

The heat. The oppressive heat.

It was 105 degrees today. This the fourth day of 100+ degree heat. The hottest day since 1941. We're also in the middle of a drought so everything is dried up and scorched. The lake is low. The pools are like bathwater. The movie theaters are crowded.

There is a lot of romanticism attached to heat in the South. Think the sultriness of A Streetcar Named Desire or ubiquitous sweat in A Time To Kill. They say that's why Southerners are so friendly because we have to go outside and socialize to avoid the heat. They say our slow pace of life is because it's just too damn hot to be amibitious.

That's all well and good.

I would love to write a poetic ode to the blazing sun or sweltering summer days but you know what?

It's too damn hot.

~ Sarah Stewart Holland