Junior League Horse Show

Most good Southern girls have worked what seems like countless volunteer shifts at countless charity events. We've sold cookbooks and raffle tickets. We've led tours of homes and we've decorated for holiday markets. And we've gone to more dinners than we can even remember. They all seem to run together after a while. But nobody can ever claim that Horse Show is anything but unique. The Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show, which takes place this week at the Red Mile Race Track, is unlike any other charity event you'll ever attend. For one thing, it's huge: now in it's seventy-sixth year, it's the world's largest outdoor Saddlebred horse show. It's also a really big deal, serving as the first jewel in the Saddlebred Triple Crown.
I've had the pleasure of volunteering at a few Horse Shows, and I have to say it's one of the most entertaining and unique events I've ever attended. Even if you know nothing about Saddlebreds or show events, it's an amazing spectacle. The delightful historic track and the show's pageantry provide a charmingly anachronistic evening. It's the kind of event where you see four generations of a family turn out to enjoy the show, and I've honestly never seen more Lilly Pulitzer prints under one roof!
Y'all should head out to the Red Mile for the remaining sessions of the Horse Show. I promise you've never seen a charity event like it!