Kentucky BBQ: Butt Rubb'in Good

Summertime brings out swimsuits, mosquito spray, bourbon on the rocks (or bourbon ale, if you're so inclined), and hopefully lots of great summer food and picnics. For me, summer brings out the pork-lover in me... as long as it's traditionally smoked and served with awesome sauce. Bonus points if the pork is equally tasty sans sauce (as I typically don't eat sugar).

Enter my favorite Lexington BBQ joint: KY Butt Rubb'in BBQ!

Yes, I totally buy pork by the pound at a place with "butt" in the name. If you tasted it, you'd understand. 

Everything at Butt Rubb'in is smoked in a big, old smoker - no gas allowed. It's a small place off of Southland Drive, across from the Good Foods Co-Op, and next to Old Kentucky Chocolates. There is a small bar where you can grab a beer and your carryout order along with some tables for dine in. 

I typically don't sway from the pulled pork, although I ventured out of my comfort zone and ordered a pound of their chicken salad last week which was RIDICULOUSLY good. Super flavorful smoked chicken with pecans. Forgo the bread or crackers when eating this chicken salad - just grab a fork and dig in. 

In addition to their great meats, they also have what are probably the best tasting onion rings I've ever had. They are super fresh, hand sliced and battered, and fried up light and crispy. Also? Sweet potato fries (with cinnamon and sugar) and collard greens. GREENS, y'all! 

If the food wasn't enough to send you there, then the shirts will send you over the edge:

Amazing, right?
Check out their menu online, and call for carryout (typical wait time is 5-10 minutes. Seriously.) or stop in to dine there. Just steer clear on Sundays as they're closed. Mondays they're only open until 6pm.