A Kentucky Football Family

When I met my now-husband 12 years ago, I remember being flabbergasted that he liked the much dogged UK football team more than the celebrated UK basketball team. Actually, I take that back: he liked them equally, which around Lexington practically means the same thing - it's pretty uncommon.

We've been through the years of Guy Morriss, Rich Brooks, and now Joker Phillips. If you don't live in the state and haven't ever heard of those names, no worries as I had permanently blocked out Guy Morriss and the ridiculous Bluegrass Miracle against LSU. Here is where I link to the definition of "premature celebration" that is forever embedded into Kentucky football history.

I can't hate on that momentary lapse of judgement by then-QB Jared Lorenzen since we got our LSU redemption when they sat at a #1 ranking and our mighty Wildcats beat them in triple overtime during my wedding reception in 2007. My poor husbands family (who loves Kentucky football as much as he does) huddled around the DJ's little laptop squinting to make out the figures on the field that led us to victory. The UK fight song then blared over the speakers of my reception and the party was kicked off with a bang. I think that's the only reason we were able to get the men on the dance floor. Thanks Cats!

This weekend with the Cats v. Cards, the family will gather at my house in front of our obscenely large TV where we've watched many games. There will be screaming and accusing the referees of poor officiating. And for the umpteenth time, I'll be reminded: "Hey, remember that time you guys got married?" I will smile and nod and accept that I am among a Kentucky football family, and be proud of it.