California Conveniences in Kentucky

When I was in high school (late 90s), I went to California every summer for camp. For 8 weeks, I would bask in southern California sunshine and enjoy things I couldn't get back in Lexington. When I arrived home from my trip, my dad would always ask what businesses they had in California that I thought would take off well in Kentucky. This morning as I ran errands, I realized that my California conveniences have pretty much all become a reality.

Starbucks: I remember the first taste of Frappuccino at the San Diego airport and becoming hooked. It was at least 2000 before Lexington got their first Starbucks, and it was located on UK's campus. Now, they're everywhere!

Jamba Juice: The delicious, sweet, ginseng-infused nectar of a mega cup of berries was enough to make me get a brain freeze. Lexington got their first Jamba Juice in the past year, located near the north end of UK's campus.

Conveyer Belt Sushi: While this is a concept versus a specific brand, I loved having drool-worthy fresh sushi rolling down a fancy conveyer belt for me to grab at my convenience. Imagine my delight a couple of years ago when new hotspot School opened in Lexington to make my conveyer wishes come true!

California Pizza Kitchen: Their chopped salad has long been a favorite of mine, and I can get it in Louisville. Still waiting for this chain to make it to Lexington, but for now, my waistline thanks CPK for staying geographically at bay.

Anthropologie: Pretty home things and accessories as well as clothes (that I admittedly don't fit into)? I am a fan. This year, Anthropologie is coming to Louisville and Lexington. Score!

Driving down Nicholasville Road today on my way home from the brand new Trader Joes, I also noticed Lexington will soon have a Panda Express. My half-Chinese self silently begrudged the arrival of Americanized-Chinese-Fast-Food, but perhaps others will think of it as progress.  Also recently announced? Plans for a Costco in Lexington! We've come a long way, baby.

What stores do you want to see?