HerKentucky Business: Rebirth Recycling

Tina Rodgers is a mom, a musician and a small business owner. We're pleased to feature her in today's HerKentucky Business feature. Tina's designs are funky, chic and ecologically responsible. Check out her online shop or make a trip to downtown Frankfort to see her designs in person!


my shop is located at 235 West Main Street Frankfort, Ky.

When did you start your small business? 

October 2010

What are your specialties?  

I take discarded textiles/materials and "upcycle"/ rework them into new fashions predominantly women's wrap skirts and dresses.

Have you had formal training in your craft, are you self-taught? 

I am self taught.  "Necessity is the mother of invention."

From where does your inspiration come? 

I have always been resourceful and feel that we can take whatever is in front of us and create something new.  My first skirt came after my dad's passing... I took some shirts  that we hadn't donated and didn't want to just have in the back of the closet...from those shirts I made a skirt.  It was very cathartic and became a living tribute/keepsake.  From that experience my clothing has evolved into what it is today.

What is your favorite part of owning a small craft business in Kentucky?

I love the freedom to take what others don't want and designing a new life for it.  I also enjoy meeting so many wonderful people.  In my online shop I have sold nationally/ internationally and forged some great friendships through these exchanges. Locally, I have met people in my own town that I might never have met otherwise and have enjoyed getting to know them immensely.  The friendships and feeling of that old world ethic that the customer/client is valued above all else is also a great source of fondness for me.

What makes your products unique? 

I think my product is unique in that I am an intuitive designer.  My degree is in Music.  When you are trained in something it can be hard to maintain a passion overtime.  You censor yourself and don't venture into trusting your instincts completely.  With my designs of a resourceful nature, the intuitive process of meeting someone and custom making a skirt or dress for them creates new textures and color schemes I would never have thought of on my own...it is a "living" process..wearable art.  Each is unique like a fingerprint although my structures are of a simple, minimalist nature.

I love Tina's work and intend to stop by her shop soon. In the meantime, I've been perusing her Etsy collection and picked some definite favorites (UK themed, of course)! I was also happy to learn that Tina loves doing custom work and offers all sizes.