A New Tradition

Fall is in the air and the holiday season is about to begin. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It is the season of traditions, which usually means time-honored rituals practiced for years. However, every once in a while, you attend a brand new event that feels like it's been a part of the community forever and you know instantly a new tradition has been formed.

This weekend the River Discovery Center hosted the Dragon Boat Festival and a new Paducah tradition was born. Local companies and organizations sponsored the dragon boats and then competed in a series of heats throughout the day.

Everyone was excited about the event but it didn't take two steps onto the riverfront to realize it wasn't just those directly involved in the event who came to cheer on the teams. I spoke with friend after friend who came down just to check out the races and participate in the fun.

The fun didn't start and end with the races either. Every team set up tents with decorations and mascots. Each boat also had to have a costumed drummer who then participated in a fashion show. There was food and corn hole and lots of kids throwing rocks in the river. Not to mention, money raised for a great cause and asset to our community.

And I knew immediately. A new fall tradition has been born.

~ Sarah Stewart Holland