The Fab Fath Sisters: The HerKentucky Interview

I was so excited when


and Victoria Fath agreed to an interview with HerKentucky. They are the cutest Kentucky girls you can imagine. Soap opera fans will know Farah from her roles as Mimi on Days of our Lives and Gigi on One Life to Life. Here in Lexington, we know Victoria as a talented wedding videographer and pageant director. Together, the Fab Fath sisters run

a celebrity and style Tumblr

and keep Twitter hopping.  Thanks so much to Victoria and Farah for taking the time to talk to us!

OK, the #fabfathsisters are just about the cutest girls on the Twitter. Tell us a little about yourselves.

The Fab Fath Sisters at an early age.


I'd say we had a pretty normal "Kentucky girl" upbringing.  For example, we cheered, did pageants, and went to the lake in the summer.  Things changed when Farah got on "DOOL" and we moved to California.  She was 15 and I was 12.  Moving to Los Angeles from Lexington so young really changed us because it's such a different lifestyle and you're exposed to different ideas and cultures.  However, I think we both pride ourselves on keeping our Kentucky "small town" values in the way we live.  We both have a crude sense of humor and aren't shy to speak our minds - as that comes across often on Twitter - but people that really know us, know how genuinely kind we can be and how important our family and friends are to us. 

You girls have done a little bit of everything -- New York, L.A., TV, videography. Tell us how a couple of Lexington girls wound up doing such glamorous things



: Living in NYC is not glamourous!!  It's a hustle.  We've made a lot of moves in our life; I've moved across the country 7 times!  It's hard but you've got to be willing to be flexible in life if you want to better your life.  I'd say NY was the best experience in my life, I just really lived it up there and left feeling like I had done and seen everything I could in 4 years.  Farah is really the person for this question...

Your Tumblr profile says "We look alike. We sound alike. We think alike. We are #TeamFathSisters"; have y'all always gotten along so well?

With friend Catherine Combs the night of UK's National Championship win.

Pretty much. :)  We have some differences but overall we are like the same person.

Y'all grew up in Lexington. Are you UK fans?


Of course #BBN.  You don't grow up in Lexington, KY and not bleed blue.  I actually went to UK for my freshman year.

A couple of "soapy" questions for Farah: 

I think most of us grew up with a mama or grandma who watched soaps. In fact, I think every Kentucky grandma was addicted to Days of Our Lives.  Was that something y'all grew up with? If so,was it crazy walking onto those sets?

Well you guessed it.  Our mom's mom watched Days since its inception.  Strangely enough she only passed it on to one of her daughters (not our mom).  Our mom was an ABC soap fan so I think she was more impressed when I got on One Life to Live.  That's not to say she didn't watch Days when I was on it.  She did, of course.  I definitely remember sitting in my grandmother's TV room while she'd play Days.  Obviously she recorded it on her VCR like everyone else.  I was fascinated with the show and got even more into when mine and Torie's babysitter watched it everyday during her summers with us.  So yes, it was very surreal going from fan to cast member.  Although the feeling of being awestruck faded fast due to the busy schedule and tough work load.  I adapted quickly into my new life and the people who I grew up watching became my 2nd family. 

At the risk of going all fangirl here, I'll admit that I grew up watching ABC Soaps. What was it like to work with

Erika Slezak

-- one of THE grand dames of the genre?

At the OLTL Wrap Party last year.

It isn't possible for me to say enough nice things about Ms. Slezak to even come close to doing her justice.  I seriously am choked up right now just thinking about her.  The first scene I ever taped for OLTL was with her and right away I was blown away by her extreme professionalism and grace.  There isn't one nerve in her body that isn't full of class.  It was so refreshing to witness someone of her stature be so completely kind and respectful to each and every body on that set.  No matter if you were her co-star for the day or your job was to sweep the floor, you were her equal. Oh, and I never saw her look at her script.  Just trust me when I say that's unheard of.  The stage manager would be counting down and my script would still be in my hand.  lol

OK, Dirty Soap -- what was it like to do that show? It seemed so crazy and DRAMATIC! 

Well the fact that it took 6 months to film only 8 episodes, I don't have much good to say about it.  Doing that show added nothing positive to my life.  Producers had a story board for the season and they did whatever they could to manipulate situations so they could get the story they wanted.  I could only stand my ground and refuse to do or say something for so long until I just wanted to go home (or for them to go home).  I also didn't want the show to suck either, so that was another reason I'd agree to certain scenes that I knew "would never actually take place in real life." Just know reality TV is all in the editing.  I couldn't believe how some of the situations were pieced together because it's not at all how things really happened.

And now a couple for Victoria:

Tell us about your background. It sounds like you've done some amazing work. What brought you back to Lexington?

 "Amazing work" is a strong statement haha.  I spent so much time on a TV set growing up that I think it was natural for me to fall into this sort of work.  I basically majored in Television in college.  I wrote a term paper on the cult fandom of soap operas actually. lol... Soap fans are CRAZY die hard.  After I graduated college, I was getting pretty burnt out with the NYC lifestyle and my boyfriend wanted to move desperately, so we decided to move to Lexington.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it and also moving to a place where my education in film and TV was kind of useless, but it was the right decision.  I've been doing freelance filming of weddings and pageants.  I toil with the dilemma of work and location all the time. Lexington is not where I'd like to be for my career but I'm where I want to be in my personal life.  And I think the latter is more important.  I know Farah has the same struggle.  I truly believe Lexington is one of the best places to live.  My boyfriend thought we'd be here for 6 months and move but he grew to love it and we bought a house and have no plans to leave anytime soon.

I've become very involved in the pageant circuit around Kentucky since I've moved back home, judging and now directing.  Our mom and I have started our own runway and arts pageant.  We want to allow both boys and girls an outlet for creative expression and we expect this to be a fun and modern pageant.  Our first preliminary is Dec. 3 and our state pageant will be in late April.  You can find more information at

or by emailing

You're a brand-new mom. Tell us a little about how that's going for you. Is your daughter well on the way to being as fabulous as the Fath sisters? 

Lola rules.  Her last name may not be Fath, but she is a Fath girl.  As Farah put it, "She's a great addition to the family."  Being notoriously blonde, I was shocked to see my baby with head full of black hair!  I was never one who thought about having kids but being a mom just comes naturally to me.  There's a lot of love in my life.  I'm blessed.

You can read more about the Fab Fath Sisters on their Tumblr,

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