Local Spotlight: Lou What Wear

I recently came across a blog that spotlights Kentucky Fashions in both Louisville and Lexington.  

Being a fashionista and fashion blogger myself, I instantly realized what a great idea these two blogs are! 

The below was taken from the Lou What Wear "about me" page: 

Gah she looks cute…
Don’t lie, you’ve said it. You’re surveying the room at (the bar, wedding, cocktail party, charity event) and you spot her. The best dressed girl there. She’s perfectly put together from top to bottom and suddenly you’re struck with a case of outfit jealousy.
Well, if you all can’t admit it, I will (maybe you’re that really cute girl and if so, I applaud you). I can get a pretty serious case of outfit jealousy from time to time. Whenever it strikes, I vow to never have it again and commit myself to mastering the art of styling so I can be “that girl” (the cute, pretty kind of that girl – Not the over-served, out of control kind of that girl) next time.
But really, we all know that celebs look good when they head out on the town but when you’ve got a gaggle of professionals picking out the perfect look from head to toe – you should look good. What I’m impressed with are the gals that pull it all together on their own – those lovely ladies are the inspiration behind LouWhatWear.
So move over New York, out of the way L.A. – the little city in the middle that is Louisville is vying for some of the fashion spotlight. Next time you’re out and you see a tall girl with a camera coming your way, get ready to reapply some gloss and get your pose on.

This is a fun collaboration they did with other Kentucky Fashion Bloggers for how to wear a fur vest: 

So there you have it, fellow Kentuckians! Keep up with style spotting across the state with Lou What Wear !