Small Business Saturday: Shop Prestonsburg

Here at HerKentucky, we're all about shopping local. We love to support the small businesses that make our Kentucky towns unique and awesome. This holiday weekend, we're doing all we canto support Small Business Saturday by patronizing our favorite local stores. We hope you will too! -- HCW

If you find yourself in Eastern Kentucky this weekend, I highly recommend a trip to Prestonsburg's Court Street. Downtown Prestonsburg is really flourishing lately; cute new stores are nestled alongside longtime favorites. Shopping in Prestonsburg is so different than it was when I was a kid, even though Billy Ray's hamburgers are as great as ever. If you're shopping in Prestonsburg today, you should definitely stop by Daffodils and Lad n' Lassie.

Daffodils is an adorable little boutique that always has the perfect gift. You can find a pair of TOMS, a precious little throw pillow, or even a new outfit. As my six year-old cousin would say, "I need to go to Daffodils to get a new charm for my Pandora bracelet!" Everything there is cute and oh-so-girly!

Lad n' Lassie has been the place for kids' clothes in Floyd County since the 1960s. When I was a kid, we always made a special trip there to pick up my tights and leotards for cheerleading and gymnastics. I was always mesmerized by their collection of Madame Alexander dolls. These days, I love picking up presents for local baby showers at Lad n' Lassie. It makes me feel so connected to home!

Where are y'all shopping for Small Business Saturday?