Woodford Humane Black Friday

Black Friday.

The very words send chills up my spine. I have no desire to get up in the middle of the night and fight the crowds for a half-price TV or sweater, thank you very much. Today, however, Woodford Humane Society is running a Black Friday sale that I can certainly get behind. All approved applicants can adopt a black dog or cat for free.

Now, as y'all know, both of my furbabies have dark coats. I spend a good portion of my days sweeping up black fur. And it just breaks my heart when I hear that darker dogs and cats are far less likely to be adopted from animal shelters. Dark-coated dogs are more likely to be seen as menacing or ill. A lot of times, they simply aren't adopted because they don't photograph well. Not to go all Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial on you, but this is a heartbreaking phenomenon.

From rescue to pearls...
Here at HerKentucky, we're all about pets. Among our seven writers, we have ten dogs, a cat and a turtle. We always believe there's room for one more. So, if you have the means and the inclination, please consider celebrating Black Friday with the amazing folks at Woodford Humane. Tell them Max and Sophie sent you.