Megan W.'s Wish List

I have a minor obsession with cool* t-shirts. I've spent the last couple of weeks on some of my favorite t-shirt web sites, because I had the brilliant idea that this year, if I'm buying a gift for someone, it's going to be a fun t-shirt.

Of course, all this has really led to is ordering three more t-shirts for myself.


Actually, the fact that I've only ordered three shows a tremendous amount of self-restraint on my part. I'm sharing a few of those here because my mother reads this blog and I know she wants to buy them all for me.

Warning, lovelies: You're about to get a full dose of my complete geekery.

(Psst, Mom, you click the picture to go to the site where you can purchase it. And yes you'll have to do it online. Dad doesn't even need to know.)

I will never grow tired
of video games.

Big Bang Theory. One of the
best shows EVER.

I can't even deal with the
awesomeness of this shirt.


It's so random it's HILARIOUS.

Yes. That's Michael Bolton.
Because I love this place so much.

*COMPLETELY subjective, of course.