My Kentucky Christmas

In October and the beginning of November, I swore up and down that I wasn't going to really decorate much for Christmas. You see, I don't have a big family at all, and I don't have any holiday events planned at my house, so the decorations wouldn't be seen by many other than my husband and the occasional guest.

As soon as Thanksgiving neared, I decided I would stop at House for their annual sale to see if anything struck my fancy. I entered a gorgeous land of colors, burlap (it's the Kentucky silk, y'all), and glitter. I'm a sucker for glitter.

Doesn't this tree at House just scream Lilly Pulitzer?
Needless to say, the inspiration for a pretty tree struck and I walked out of the store completely loaded down with goodies, and covered in their glitter remnants. I decided that even though it might just be me and my pup Lilly who would really enjoy it, that was enough for me. 

You see, my mom would always create a gorgeous tree. I would wrap crazy amounts of Christmas lights in the bushes outside of our house, hoping to one day get close to winning the neighborhood contest (it was never, ever close!). My mom passed away a few years ago, so the tree decoration turned into a happy time of remembrance. I also got ambitious and decided to do some garland around my front door.

Trying to lay out embellishments on a wreath
Front door decorations and my finished wreath
finished tree
My Kentucky Christmas might not be filled with lots of family or chaos, but it's filled with exactly everything I need. My glitter tree, husband, pup, in-laws, and coffee.