HerKentucky Business: Olive You Boutique

A friend told me about a new boutique in Richmond (for you non-Kentucky folk, about a 20 minute zip straight down I-75 from Lexington) and I asked if it was really worth the drive to go there, especially as I'm a plus size gal and can't usually find anything at boutiques. She assured me that it was, and seeing as I'd love to own a boutique one day (I mean, who wouldn't!?), I went to Olive You and chatted with owner Katie Brandenburg. She is just as lovely as her store is, which is saying a lot because the store is AMAZING. I left with a few pieces of jewelry and greeting cards - there's definitely something for everyone.

Katie Brandenburg
What made Richmond the perfect place to open Olive You?
I love Richmond and it makes it even more special that I am from Richmond. I love all the people here and Richmond has always needed a fun clothing boutique. I have always wanted to open a store in Richmond, since I was a child.

For so many women, owning a boutique sounds like a dream. How did you get to this point, and what made you take the leap?
It really has always been a dream and didn't think that this dream would ever come true. :) My parents have been a huge inspiration and have really made me go for my dreams. I am one lucky girl and truly blessed to have such a great family helping me all along the way.

How do you select what items go in your store?
I select the items by going to market picking unique, one of a kind items that I can picture a wide variety of people wearing. When opening the store I wanted women from all generations to be able to find something they love. When at market I select brands that a wide variety of age groups would love :)

What's the hardest part about being a business owner?
The hardest part is trying to manage your time and get everything done that is needed. There is so much to do for a business owner and juggling your time can be stressful!!

What's the best part about being a business owner?
Making my customers feel good about themselves and feel good in their skin. No matter your age or size everyone should have fun shopping and be able to find things that they love and make them happy. I love making this happen everyday!! :)

What advice would you give to Kentucky women wanting to start their own business?
Go for it!!! It is a lot of hard-work, but if you have a dream and a great plan you should make it happen.

Quickfire Round:
  • Bourbon, martinis, or beer? Beer 
  • One bucket list item. Go to Capri :) 
  • Favorite way to spend a Friday night. Hanging out with close friends and family having a great meal or just sitting on the couch. 
  • Celebrity/personality you'd most love to shop at your store? After Golden Globes this weekend I would say ... Jessica Alba... I also love Reese Witherspoon!! She is so cute and fun.
Check out Olive You at 118 Meridian Way, Suite 1 (in Heritage Place across from Meijer), follow them on Facebook, or check them out online!