Kentucky in One Word: Comfort

It's funny - I was reading Sarah's "Kentucky in One Word" post and I thought she stole my word... home. Turns out that she actually led me to the word that should have come to mind in the first place: Comfort.

You see, my family isn't in Kentucky. I wasn't born in Kentucky. I resented being in Kentucky for a long time (this is what happens when you move a very moody girl in her early teens). It wasn't until college at UK - my last resort school - that I started to really feel comfortable. I experienced the spark of UK basketball, finally went to see the ponies at Keeneland, and started to pull the stick out of my butt that seemed to lodge there when I first moved here.

I met a Kentucky boy who is the very definition of comfort to my heart. His family added an anchor that is comforting to have when my family is so distant.

I love to travel, and am surprised every time how much I look forward to flying into LEX and driving home with my heavy suitcases and oily travel face - windows down and breathing in the fresh air.

Today while I write this, I'm curled up on my sofa with my laptop with a down comforter wrapped around me like a burrito. I just drank a cup of hot tea and my pup is trying to get my attention. In this place I am warm, loved, wanted, and needed. Comfort is what Kentucky gives to me.