Kentucky In One Word: Friendly

I don't know about you, but if I had to describe Kentucky in one word, it would be friendly.  I have been all over the great commonwealth and one thing is consistent: friendliness.  Whether you're west in Paducah, east in Pikeville, north in Louisville (or N'ucky!), or south in Bowling Green, the one common thread is that everyone is nice.   

My Mom always said to treat others as you would want to be treated and I feel like that's a distinctive trait among many Kentuckians.  My Mom told me a story last week about how one of her friends was driving her elderly father to town to wait on someone that was meeting them.  The person was running late and her father was getting antsy.  She saw that an older man that was also sitting at this McDonald's and she went up to him and said, "excuse me sir, but you look like a farmer and my Dad is getting antsy over there waiting for someone to meet him, can you go talk to him?"  My Mom said that the man went over and talked to her friend's father for an hour about farming.  And that my friends is a perfect example of how people in Kentucky are super-friendly (and love to talk as well).  

Celebrities who come to Louisville for the Derby will go on and on about how friendly everyone was and how hospitable people were to them.  

I've lived in Lexington, Florida, and had a short study abroad stint in Paris (and add in traveling around the US for work) and I can personally say that Kentuckians are the friendliest that I've come in contact with.