New Ways of Thinking

The New Year means new resolutions, great ambitions, and setting yourself up for about two weeks of success. I don't say this to be cynical, I say it because it's pretty much the truth. What can we do to make our changes stick around? If you have the answer, feel free to share in the comments!

A big focus I want to have this year is to flip my way of thinking about things. I want to stay things with positive intentions instead of with fear or reflecting on past mistakes.
image from Wander Postcard Project
So for example:

  • Instead of: "My workout sucked today." I could think: "I am so glad I got a workout in today."
  • Instead of: "I wish I were as lucky as that new author." I could think: "It's great news that the publishing industry is opening up more to new authors."
  • Instead of: "Man I wish I did this job earlier." I could think: "I work great under pressure."
Perhaps these are overly simple examples, but they are all part of my new way of thinking. Here's to 2013!