Magee's Bakery

In fact, this blog post could begin and end with that one sentence. I love Magee's Bakery a lot. Their buttercream frosting is pretty much the perfect food. Their cakes and cupcakes are my all-time favorite, far surpassing any "cupcakery" that has popped up in recent years. Their eclairs and donuts are supurb. And, lest you think my sweet tooth makes all my decisions, I also count their breakfast sandwiches on the short list of the best breakfasts in Lexington.

This weekend, we picked up a King Cake from Magee's.  My beau and I are both huge fans of King Cake, and this cinnamon-filled cake didn't disappoint. It was light and moist, and not overpoweringly sweet. It was a fantastic addition to a family lunch, and it made for a tasty breakfast the next morning. It was one of those once-a-year treats that I'll be glad to see again next February!

 I love Magee's. What Hometown Bakery do you love?