Valentine's Day Karaoke?

How does your family celebrate Valentine's Day? I admit that I'm not one for chocolates, flowers or jewelry. This, reportedly, is one of my husband's favorite things about me. Instead of the Hallmark cards, the fancy dinners and the declarations of undying love, this is how my family celebrates Valentine's Day.
Yes. We are different, even a little weird sometimes. We have started a tradition of having a karaoke party in celebration of Valentine's Day. Don't ask how we got started, or why the party pictures above had an Adult Prom theme to it, but there's just about nothing my family loves to do more than sing. Some of us are very, very good at it. Others, like me, can't carry a tune in a bucket but love to sing.

Every year, we rent a sound system from the Doo Wop Shop, my uncle brings his fancy karaoke machine and microphones and we all take turns singing our favorites and hogging the mic. 

Nothing says love like singing "Family Tradition" with your dad and uncles, right?