Fireworks just really aren't my jam.

Being outside in a nighttime crowd amidst loud booms and distracting lights just seems like an invitation to be mugged and/or thrown up upon. Now, I can't speak for you, but to me that doesn't sound like all that much fun. And, if you have a couple of dogs (and I do!), then you know that fireworks equal non-stop anxiety for the furry members of your household. Needless to say, the famous fireworks display that kicks off the Kentucky Derby Festival isn't an event that I include in my spring calendar. As I told a friend recently, I need a Xanax or a glass of Shiraz when I just think about Thunder over Louisville.

And so, whenever someone asks me "Are you going to Thunder?", I adamantly reply "You couldn't pay me enough."
image via Voice-Tribune
Over the years, I've played many roles in expressing my hip disdain for Thunder. I've been the smug Highlands-dweller who schedules her Saturday night dinner reservations to avoid the Thunder tourist crowd. I've been the even smugger Former Highlands Dweller who audibly rolled her eyes when friends asked if she was heading to Louisville to see the fireworks. And, I've been the chick who giggles over the so-called Thunder baby boom, because that can't really be a thing, right?

The only problem is that, lately, I'm starting to wonder if I've missed out on something by ignoring Thunder. I have never seen a photo of the display that isn't outright beautiful. And, Downtown Louisville in the springtime is one of the most gorgeous sights I've ever seen. The fireworks always seemed impressive when I'd catch them in the distance from my carefully reserved dinner table or my 8th floor condo window. Maybe it would be even cooler if we were watching from a downtown hotel or office building...

 Maybe all those crowds are onto something.

image via gotolouisville.
What do y'all say? Is Thunder a must-see or a must-avoid for you?