W&M Custom Jewelry and Derby Week Style

As all Kentuckians know, there is no time quite like Derby. I won't go on too much about how I'll be here in North Carolina, settling for a measly two hours of Derby coverage and absolutely no local news flavor. I did not see a single Thunder firework, won't be out at the mini admiring the balloons floating overhead (although I understand the balloon race has moved to Friday since I have been gone, so I guess none of us will be doing that), have not partaken in a single chuckwagon treat.

One of the best features of Derby Week is the fashion. If you are like me, usually running around town in your yoga pants, you relish the opportunity to dress the heck up. One thing Kentuckians know is how to do it up right for Oaks and Derby. Start with a hat or fascinator, then find your dress, and don't forget to choose the perfect accessories. Speaking of perfect accessories, you need look no further than Louisville's own wonderful W&M Custom Jewelry.

If you haven't heard of W&M Jewelry (And if you haven't... WHAT? Get with it!), you can learn more about Megan Walz and Becky McClellan, the remarkable duo behind the brand, on their website or here in this article by StyleBlueprint Louisville. (By the way, I recommend the entire StyleBlueprint blog, so read through it when you have time and subscribe. My favorite amongst favorites is my dear friend Heidi, who wrote the W&M article.) Take a moment to peruse the lovely W&M website, and you will quickly discover that picking a favorite is simply not possible. Perhaps you could try to narrow down which bauble you want to get your hands on first, second, third... thirty-seventh, and so on. Here's a peek at just a few pieces that caught my eye.

Turquoise disk with silver starfish, $165

Three strand tortoise agate on gold chain, $155

Three strand peach jade on gold satin chain, $145

Two strand mint jade with removable vintage brooch, $185

Laborite and gold disk chain, $98

Gold tulips on vermeil, $59
Aqua sun drops on vermeil,  $79

Coral Enamel Rose studs $49

Gold on gold wire cuff, $95
So let's get down to business. You have The Hat. Your dress is ready to go. Do your accessories measure up to the rest of your outfit? If there are two women whom I trust to accessorize me and have a blast doing it, certainly they are Becky and Megan. I mean, just look at these lovely ladies!

Here's Megan...
photo credit: Adele Reding Phototgraphy

... and this is Becky
photo credit: Adele Reding Photography
I hope you didn't miss Christa Ritchie's feature about Becky in the Courier-Journal! In addition to that inspiration, Becky offers excellent advice for your time at the track.
  • Derby is the event where bigger is better. Big Jewelry, Big Hats, Big Fashion. This is the day where you want to show off your inner Derby Diva!
  • Don't forget it's a "Pink Out" for the Oaks. W&M's variety of stones come in many shapes, sizes, hues, and styles that allow easy incorporation into any outfit.
Megan also has some perfect style tips for this quintessential Kentucky experience...
  • Spring in Kentucky and Derby Season are such a colorful time of year. Accessorize with a big, colorful W&M necklace and pair of earrings to finish off your perfect track attire. Don't be afraid of color!
  • The perfect pairing for any fascinator are our classic tulip earrings. Not only are these the perfect match for any fascinator, but you'll get plenty of wear out of them, from the track to watching your kids' sporting events.
  • Above all, don't forget to accessorize with W&M, drink a mint julep, and pack a comfortable pair of shoes!
What's that you say? You wish someone would just give you a magnificent pair of W&M earrings to wear for Oaks or Derby or any other day? You're in luck! Becky and Megan have kindly provided us with a beautiful pair of gold peacock dangle earrings, and you can win them! (Notice that Becky is wearing a pair in her photo above.) I hereby promise in writing not to run off with them and pretend they were "lost in the mail." 

W&M Gold Peacock Earrings

Not everyone can win, however, so seek out W&M in several Louisville boutiques. For my hometown honeys, head over to Owensboro and shop at Studio Slant. I even have good news for my local North Carolina friends! You'll be pleased to know that you can find W&M at several Monkee's locations, including Charlotte, Greenville, and Wilmington. For us Raleigh girls, let's head to Monkee's of Chapel Hill. 

Since this Kentucky expat will be attending a fancy North Carolina pig pickin' fundraiser (no joke) while the Derby is taking place, I'll ask y'all to sing "My Old Kentucky Home" loudly enough for me to hear you over the Appalachians. I will also take this opportunity to point out that any piece of W&M jewelry makes an ideal Mother's Day gift. (You listening, Mr. Townsend?)

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