Giveaway: Social Club Dinner

What do you get when you combine a mystery location, food and music, a chance to wear a mask, and help benefit a local charity? You get Social Club Dinner.

Social Club Dinner Louisville

Social Club Dinner is a night filled with food, friends, music, and a little bit of mystery; the location of the event is announced 4 hours before the the festivities begins. As guests descend upon the secret location music fills the air, and a large public dinner party under the stars unfolds. These dinners have brought 1,000 people or more in other cities, so we're excited that it's coming to Louisville.

The event is July 26th, and the theme is MASQUERADE! (For any of you other Revenge fans who automatically think about Victoria Grayson's party, I'm with you.) The local charity partner hasn't been announced yet, but a portion of the event earnings will stay local.

You have to request an invitation to this event since the locations and details are kept secret. You can request an invite from their website, and also check the end of this post for a chance to win 2 tickets!

We know how to do Derby in Kentucky - let's show Social Club Dinner how we do masquerade! Here are a few food ideas:

Hot Brown Casserole (because we love a Kentucky spin)

Masquerade Cookies (cute + delicious)

For table decor, you could go with masks, feathers, flowers, or more. I bet the ladies at Dee's Crafts (my favorite craft store in Louisville) would have some amazing ideas. I'm thinking some sort of masquerade topiary covered in glitter, though everything I ever think of tends to be covered in glitter, so maybe more thinking is needed on my part.

Want your ticket to the Social Club Dinner? We're giving 2 away! 

To enter, leave a comment below: What food and/or decor ideas do you have for this event? 

For additional entries, you can do any of the optional items in the widget below. Entries close 5/29/13 at 11:59pm.
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