WHY Louisville? Because I'm Too Far From Home, That's Why.

Just last week, our middle son turned six, and he received a bag of hometown treats from his Aunt Debbie. Frankly, I'm a little jealous.

While not an exact replica, I love this nod to the Belle of Louisville.

Although not a Louisville native, I am a native of the original 502 area code.
To this day, I feel some disdain for that 270 interloper.

I noticed this sticker in the bag:

I was immediately curious, so I decided to do a little research. WHY Louisville, as you would expect from any business founded in the proudly quirky Highlands area, specializes in "locally designed shirts and accessories, art prints, books, cards, unique gifts, and general curiosities."  The original location is on Bardstown Road, and there is a newly opened store on Market Street, which is in this NuLu place that was pretty much just Joe Ley Antiques and the Mayan Café when I was around. Again, a little jealous. Luckily for those of us far from home, we have the interwebs! So come along and go shopping with me at whylouisville.com.

I need this:

But I'll need that heart to head west quite a bit...
KY Home by Kenny Andreozzi

And this:

Perfect to remember my first Louisville home, the outrageously underpriced and oversized Eagle's Eyrie apartments on Lower Brownsboro, across from Pat's Steakhouse. Hello, choo-choo...
Clifton/Crescent Hill Print by Madpixel

And this.

Because outside of my four year stint in Lexington, I had never lived away from a river until we moved here to NC, and I can hardly stand it. Need a river rushing by. But honestly, having the ocean two hours away is ok, too.
River City Ladies by Andrew Spalding 

Not from Louisville? Never lived there? Don't care because you think Louisvillians are in favor of secession from the rest of the Commonwealth? Nah. But you can still support Kentucky artists and rep your home state!

Seen on flags in each of the Commonwealth's 120 counties
2 Legit 2 Quit by WHY Louisville

Or how about showing some love for the Greatest?

You can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee in this shirt!
The Greatest by State Champs

After browsing, I know I will be doing some shopping at their online store. What catches your eye at WHY Louisville?