Bluegrass Redhead

Some days, I look at the internet and think there are simply no new ideas. Maybe online media is going the way of print media, I tell myself. It's all quite meta.

And then, as she often does, my girl Sarah Stewart Holland made me think of things in a whole different light.  She recently unveiled a new blog, Bluegrass Redhead, that doesn't really fall into those easily assigned blog categories that have become the norm. Instead, she's giving her readers thoughtful insight into everything from politics to parenting to parties. Today, she even talks Lisa Frank, which is guaranteed to make all of us children of the 80s smile.

Oh, and did I mention that her photos and design are simply gorgeous?

Go check out Sarah's blog and her facebook page. I guarantee it's an interesting read. And it makes me glad the internet isn't dead.

(all images courtesy Bluegrass Redhead.)